Private Lesson
Have an audition coming up? Want to advance your skills with individual attention?
Personal coaching sessions are 1/2 hour - 1 hour in length and charged on a per hour basis. Email Ovation at to set up the perfect private lesson just for you and to inquire further about pricing options!

Private Acting Lessons
Personal coaching sessions are available for any actor preparing a monologue for your next big audition, discovering a character in a current production, working on copy from your agent, preparing for a public speech or on-camera coaching. Each session will be designed to fit your needs.

Private Voice Lessons (12-18 Years)
Personal & Group lessons are available for any singer or singers wanting to improve, discover or perfect their voice and vocal performance.

Private Music Lessons
Guitar, Bass Guitar and Piano Lessons are available.

Private Dance Lessons
Private dance lessons are available for any style of dance. Perfect if you are preparing for an upcoming audition!

Private Lesson Pricing

Private Lessons:
30 Minute Lesson$40.00
45 Minute Lesson$55.00
60 Minute Lesson$65.00

Pay for 4 lessons in advance and receive 10% off:
4 - 30 Minute Lessons$144.00
4 - 45 Minute Lessons$198.00
4 - 60 Minute Lessons $234.00

Pay for 8 lessons in advance and receive 10% off:
8 - 30 Minute Lessons$288.00
8 - 45 Minute Lessons$396.00
8 - 60 Minute Lessons $468.00

Private Lesson Policies
Financial Policies
Payment for Private Lessons are due one week prior to the first class. Private lesson payment may be made by cash, check, or through PayPal on the Ovation website. Please email the office at if special payment terms are needed. Checks may be made payable to Ovation Academy. Cash payments could be made at time of lesson, prior to the lesson, made directly to the Ovation coach. Lessons paid with cash will be issued a receipt from the Ovation coach.

Cancellation and Make-up Policy
We require that families provide 24-hours of notice for cancellation or rescheduling of a lesson. Lessons cancelled without 24-hour notice are ineligible for make-up or a credit. Payment would be required for that lesson. No refunds are given for missed classes.

Private lessons may be available for a make-up "class" arranged through Ovation. Ovation Academy has the right to cancel a lesson with 24 hours notice to the lesson. Credit will be applied to any missed or cancelled lesson by the instructor. No credit or refund is issued if the purchaser cancels a private lesson in less than 24 hours.

Goals and Try-Out
Not sure if a private lesson is right for you? Schedule a time to meet with one of our teachers to discuss your goals and how best to achieve those. You are welcome to "try out" any of our Ovation classes for just $25! We request at least 24-hour notice of anticipated attendance so that the instructor can make arrangements to accommodate the new student.

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